What you wanted to do as a kid

I spent some time upright in my bed last week and thought about some of my earliest childhood memories. To me, between the ages of 3 and 6, I felt I was really clear with what I liked and what I didn’t. An age where I wasn’t  influenced or persuaded to think differently.

This connection to what feels good has really shaped the way I live.

As a child I loved nature, especially being in my grandparent’s garden. We lived on a huge block of land in Melbourne where my grandparent’s grew veggies, fruits, nuts and had chickens. Now I live in a place in Los Angeles where I’m surrounded by wildlife. Instead of hens there are hummingbirds, eagles and owls; instead of almond and fig trees there’s eucalyptus and bamboo.

I’ve loved music ever since I can remember. No surprise really that my career and life has always been intertwined with music. I loved television and the places it could take me. Hence, career in media.

Another one of my fondest memories were my family dinners, which is why I go to effort to create meals for friends here in LA and wherever I travel to. I’ve talked before about the memorable experiences that you can create over a great meal.

This way of living all came from the sparks I got as a child. I followed what felt right.

Yet in my stillness I remembered something that I loved but didn’t entirely get to weave into my life. And that is Art.

One of the art classes I enjoyed the most during school was ceramics. The spark came from turning clay into something that would be useful and beautiful to me.

I connected this thought with my recent move to LA. My move has meant starting anew with everything. And that means buying new items, like ceramics.

You may be thinking, they’re just plates and bowls, Faustina. Who cares? Just buy them.

Well, instead of buying a set over Amazon or at Bed Bath and Beyond, why not follow that spark and at least try and make my own?

They may not look incredible to begin with. I’ll probably knock clay off the spinning wheel on numerous occasions, collapse the soft clay when trying to make a bowl. But the spark will keep me on my seat.

And my logic says that the cost of a single awesome plate would be the same cost of an introductory lesson to ceramics. The knowledge and skills to create my own – BOOM!

So I booked myself into a one-on-one intro ceramics class. I start tomorrow. Yes to the kid in me! Follow the kid within. 

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Supremely-talented Melbourne Artist Ghostpatrol is having an open studio in Melbourne this Saturday. I urge everyone who can, to stop by and check out his work. Working across a number of mediums, and well-known for his illustrations, street murals and sculptures, Ghostpatrol’s work is whimsical and truly enchanting.

Ghostpatrol’s Open Studio will showcase what he has been up to this year including a collection of his new and unseen works.

When: Saturday 16th of November
Time: 11-4pm
Where: Studio 2, 3rd floor 329 Little Collins St Melbourne

Drop him an email at david@ghostpatrol.net for a preview catalogue.




Follow Ghostpatrol:


A must see. Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition launched at Melbourne’s ACMI yesterday.

Spectacle offers over 300 works and takes you through 9 sections covering the early days of music videos (Louie Armstrong, Cab Calloway); early rockstars (Bob Dylan, the Beatles); beautiful cinematic pieces (Massive Attack, Kanye West, The Verve, Woodkid, New Order); Art House (White Stripes, INXS); politically and socially charged videos; choreographically driven clips to an interactive experience with the art work of three of Arcade Fire’s music videos.

A good dose of Michel Gondry (The White Stripes, The Chemical Brothers) and Spike Jonze (Bjork, Fatboy Slim).

On the home front, over 20 clips are featured including The Herd, ACDC, Gotye, Van She, Flight Facilities, INXS and Kris Moyes’ work on Kirin J Callinan’s Way to War and The Preset’s My People.

Spectacle is curated by Jonathan Wells and Meg Grey of Flux, a collective that provides art and film events around the world. Spectacle made its international debut at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Centre in March 2012 and has made its way through Sao Paulo and New York before it’s launch in ACMI.

The even runs through til Sunday 23rd February 2014. I say, go stat! That’s an order!


Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition

Thursday 26 September 2013 to Sunday 23 February 2-14

Open Daily 10am – 5pm


Full $15 Concession $10 Member $8

Family $40 (2 adults, 3 children) extra child $8

School groups $7.50 per student

Group discount (12 or more) $12

Bookings 03 8663 2583 or online at acmi.net.au

Tickets on sale Thursday 1 August 2013


Image: OK Go “This Too Shall Pass” (Rube Goldberg Machine version) (2010). Directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs.