You have not lived if you haven’t experienced No Lights No Lycra.

A big call, I know but NLNL is something out of my childhood; me dancing uninhibited around my bedroom to my favourite tapes and CDs, brought to my adult life. Lights are turned off in a public venue, everyone is welcome (for $5) no matter your age, gender, fitness level or dance ability and you wild out for an hour and fifteen minutes.

The brainchild of two Melbourne dance students, friends Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett, NLNL has grown to 33 locations worldwide since its humble beginnings in a church hall back in 2009. Completely unpretentious and based on the pure, unadulterated joy of dance, NLNL is a disco with no lights, no judgement and a playlist that runs the gamut of infectious, dance-worthy tunes. 

I first heard about NLNL from my Music Producer and DJ friend, DCUP. Bonded by our pure love of music, I was instantly won over when he told me…”you won’t stop dancing”. With this in mind, I turned up for my first NLNL experience equipped with Kathmandu water backpack, complete with bendy plastic straw over my shoulder so I wouldn’t have to stop even to have a drink – genius, right? And with the no lights rule, I didn’t even have to worry about people judging my brilliant hydration plan.

Actually, the ‘no lights’ philosophy is one of the main reasons I love NLNL. No need to feel like a dag when no-one can see you. It also reinforces the all-inclusive nature that forms the backbone of NLNL.

Unapologetically cheesy, the playlist is designed to help people let go and have fun. When I was there, we danced to everything from Basement Jaxx to Mandy Moore, and Loleatta Holloway to Earth Wind & Fire.

After an hour and half on the dance floor, I have never sweated so much or felt so liberated. I keep thinking- where were you all when I was seven? I guess we were all dancing in our bedrooms alone as kids and NLNL has brought us all together.

Join the NLNL revolution and check out the website for a location near you.


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WEEKEND 37, 2013: Bang! Crash! Tap!

If you’re in Melbourne this weekend and like beats, clever drumming, tap, hip hop, and Happy Feet (? …) then go see The Raw Dance Company’sBang! Crash! Tap! at the Arts Centre. There’s a show on tonight and two shows on tomorrow. THEN IT ENDS!

Tickets start at 25 clams and it’s worth every bit…

Highlight: UK Beat Box Champion, Dr Rhythm (pictured) mix everything from Justin Timberlake to Public Enemy to Michael Jackson and Kanye. The man is a dynamo.

Buy tickets here 

Image Source: Arts Centre, Melbourne.